Is Walmart Open on Thanksgiving? Walmart Store Hours for 2023

Walmart, the ultimate go-to store for every American, will be closed on Thanksgiving 2023. Walmart used to open on Thanksgiving, but as the pandemic hit our world, Walmart changed its policies and Walmart started to remain closed on Thanksgiving. Since then, the pattern has remained the same.

Thanksgiving 2023 is soon going to ring our doorbells and everyone is excited to celebrate this holiday with their loved ones. From decorating our sweet homes with Thanksgiving decorations to sending Thanksgiving gifts and cards, we all know that this holiday is super busy and exciting at the same time.

Among all the hustle to make your Thanksgiving just perfect, you might forget to buy an important ingredient for your Thanksgiving dinner and would want to rush to a superstore. Walmart would be your first choice. However, you would be disappointed to find out that Walmart remains closed on Thanksgiving.

Is Walmart Open on Thanksgiving 2023?

Regrettably, John Furner recently announced on Twitter that Walmart has made the decision to remain closed on Thanksgiving 2023. Be it families searching for a grocery store where they can find everything, or someone searching for good discounts, Walmart has everything for everyone. So, you can expect a huge crowd every day at Walmart.

Many people plan ahead of time to shop from Walmart, as everyone wants to shop with minimum hurdles. If you are someone who gets only weekends off from work or study, we have listed Walmart hours for you below. Plan your visit ahead of time to have a pleasant experience.

6 a.m. to 11 p.m. are the regular working hours at the majority of the locations. However, as you know, Walmart operates more than four thousand stores alone in the U.S., so it is better to know your nearest Walmart’s timing by using the store locator tool available online.

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Is Walmart Open 24 Hours

Those were good days when the COVID-19 pandemic had not hit our world yet, and Walmart used to remain open 24 hours providing its customers exceptional experiences. However, since then, Walmart has not been open 24 hours.

Even after recovering from the pandemic, Walmart is observing 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. hours. Furthermore, there are no latest updates regarding whether Walmart will be deciding to return to 24-hour services or not. However, you can shop online whenever you want to.

What Holidays is Walmart Closed 2023

Walmart will observe the following holidays and remain closed on these days:

So, if you want to shop for these holidays, plan to collect all your needed stuff and save yourself from botheration.

What Time Does Walmart Close?

As Walmart operates thousands of locations alone in the U.S., you need to contact your nearest store to confirm its closing time. However, most Walmart locations close by 11 p.m.

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