Is KFC open on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day 2024? KFC Holiday Hours

The first place that comes to our minds when we think about the most authentic taste in fast food is Kentucky fried chicken. And no doubt, you people would be looking forward to dining at KFC with your favorite crispy burger and sides on New Year too. But do you have any clue whether KFC will be open on New Year’s Day and Eve or not? If not, we have got all KFC fans covered.

KFC will be there to serve you finger-licking good food both on New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve. So, to get KFC’s New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve business hours, scroll down the page and get your New Year treat now.

KFC is one of the largest fast-food chains in the world, with various franchises and chains in over 150 countries. It is no question that whether we want to have a holiday brunch or a family dinner, KFC’s exclusive fried chicken always satisfies us. Below we will discuss KFC New Year in detail.

Is KFC Open on New Year’s Day?

Yes, fried chicken fans should get ready, KFC is open on New Year’s Day on regular business hours.

KFC New Year’s Day hours: We expect KFC to serve you from 11AM to 10PM on New Year’s Day. So, get your plans set for the first day of the coming year.

KFC Holiday Hours 2024

KFC operates according to its regular business hours both on New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve. So, you don’t have to worry about its timing. However, you must ring them and confirm your local outlet’s timings to save you time.

KFC’s regular business hours are from 11 AM to 10 PM every day. As KFC will operate on regular business hours on New Year, you can expect these timings from your local outlet.

  • Monday 10:30 AM-11:00 PM
  • Tuesday 10:30 AM-11:00 PM
  • Wednesday 10:30 AM-11:00 PM
  • Thursday 10:30 AM-11:00 PM
  • Friday 10:30AM-12:00AM
  • Saturday 10:30AM-12:00AM
  • Sunday 10:30 AM-11:00 PM

Is KFC Open on New Year’s Eve?

Yes, KFC will add to your New Year celebrations by serving you your favorite combo on New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve is the time when everyone gathers around their loved ones, as they want to welcome the coming year with love and joy. At that moment, food fills in the space for foodies. So, this New Year’s Eve, you can get exciting New Year offers and deals at KFC.

KFC New Year’s Eve hours: As stated above, KFC will be open till 10 PM, but New Year might affect these regular business hours and these hours are subject to change with location.

What Holidays is KFC closed?

KFC gives its employees holidays and will be closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and Easter Sunday.

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