Smoothie King Veterans Day 2023 – Get Military Discount Free

The Smoothie king veterans day deal is here to cheer up all the veterans with tasty and healthy smoothies. The Smoothie drink Veterans Day discount deal has something exciting for our honored and beloved veterans. So scroll down the article to know more about Smoothie drink deals and more.

It is now the official season to celebrate and honor the veterans. We plan to celebrate Veterans Day 2023 with lots of Veterans Day free food. For Veterans Day freebies, visit our collection of Veterans Day discounts and deals.

Does Smoothie King Do Military Discounts?

Yes, Smoothie King is offering a military/veterans discount. All veterans and active-duty military members can get a free 20 oz. smoothie on Veterans Day with their favorite flavor.

Don’t forget to call your local Smoothie King outlet to confirm this discount.

Proof of military service is required to claim this discount.

Smoothie King Menu

Smoothie king has everything that you need to boost your day and maintain your health. Not only you can find uncountable coffee booster drinks, but also fresh fruit smoothies. Furthermore, you can also add enhancers (whey protein, keto protein, and gladiator protein to name a few) to your smoothies for further energy boosting.

Smoothie King also provides alerts for food allergies. You can also consult Smoothie King’s health consultant to know your nutritional requirements.

Smoothie King $5 Friday Deal

Smoothie King offers a 32 oz. (medium-sized) drink to guests every Friday for just $5. You can also get a meal replacement for $6.

This is Smoothie King’s one way to make healthy drinks more affordable and spread nutritional and health awareness.

What is Smoothie King Nutrient Blend?

Smoothie King’s Nutrient blend is a whole range of smoothies from which you can choose fitness enhancers, energy enhancers, slim enhancers, and wellness enhancers. Your choice can be guided by your current nutritional requirements and future nutritional goals.

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