Is Texas Roadhouse Open on Christmas 2023?

Planning to have your favorite meal from Texas Roadhouse this Christmas? But is Texas Roadhouse open on Christmas 2023? Don’t worry when we are here. Scroll down the page and find our Texas Roadhouse’s Christmas Eve and Day hours for 2023.

Christmas is a magical time that brings warmth and joy to people everywhere. Families gather and enjoy delicious food like roast meats, mashed potatoes, and elaborate desserts. The house smells of spices, and everyone is cheerful. Christmas dinner is a special tradition that makes hearts happy, bringing everyone closer during this festive season. If you plan to have a non-traditional Christmas dinner this year, Texas Roadhouse might be on your wish list.

Is Texas Roadhouse Open on Christmas Day?

Texas Roadhouse will be OPEN on Christmas Eve but CLOSED on Christmas Day.

Texas Roadhouse is a famous American steakhouse that welcomes diners with a cozy atmosphere and delicious food. It started in 1993 and is known for its tasty hand-cut steaks, mouthwatering ribs, and famous buttery rolls. The lively setting, including servers who line dance, gives it a touch of Southern friendliness. With more than 600 locations, Texas Roadhouse is a favorite spot where patrons enjoy hearty meals and the true taste of Texan hospitality.

As Christmas is almost here, we all are planning for the most awaited Christmas dinner. If you are going to have an occupied Christmas day, it would be a great idea to plan your Christmas dinner at your favorite restaurant. If you are thinking of going for Texas Roadhouse for their famous steaks, we have a bad news for you. Texas Roadhouse will remain closed on Christmas Day 2023. So, you would have to look for some other restaurants that are open on Christmas Day.

Is Texas Roadhouse Open on Christmas
Texas Roadhouse


Your idea to have a memorable Christmas eve with your loved ones might get real now because your favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse will be open for Christmas Eve 2023.

Texas Roadhouse offers a menu that specializes in hand-cut steaks, made-from-scratch sides, and freshly baked bread. Their signature dishes include various cuts of steak, such as sirloin, ribeye, and filet, prepared to customers’ preferred level of doneness. Additionally, they are known for their fall-off-the-bone ribs, chicken dishes, and a variety of seafood options. Complementing the main courses are sides like seasoned rice, baked potatoes, and fresh vegetables. The menu also features appetizers, salads, and desserts, providing a well-rounded dining experience. So, you can enjoy all of this on Christmas eve.

Texas Roadhouse Christmas Eve Hours

As Christmas eve is a busy time, and there is a lot going on everywhere. It bustles with activity as people dash through crowded streets, last-minute shopping bags in hand. Texas Roadhouse will be there to serve its delicious food even at this busy time of the year. They will follow a slightly different timing, from 3 pm to 8 pm.

Texas Roadhouse Regular Hours

Texas Roadhouse is open seven days a week, but the timings are slightly different for weekends. From Monday to Thursday, you can enjoy their food from 4 am to 10 pm. From Friday to Sunday, their timing is from 11 am to 11 pm. However, you can find a difference of an hour among various branches across the country. So, it is best to use their store locator tool before paying a visit.

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