Valentine Week 2024 List | 7 Feb to14 February Special Days

7 Feb to 21 Feb days list: Valentine’s week list 2024, Valentine weekdays Schedule (Dates): Wish you all friends, the month of romance is starts and the lovers wake up to see the Valentine holiday schedule and dates once again. As we know New Year’s passing and valentine’s week will be started in the second week of February. All the week is consisting of events. Well, we wish you to advance the celebration of valentine’s week with images wishes, and quotes.

The month of the lover going to start and also this month is known as the name of “LOVE BIRDS”. It’s the most romantic month considered and that going to be 7th February to 14th February each year. And the valentines week list detail and names Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and the last main day is Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine Week Days
February Days List 2024

The day of Romance which will be known as Valentine’s day 2024 annually celebrates on the same day this year. All the lovers are very happy with this holiday and want to spend their time with their lovers to make their day special. We share with you some ideas and activities for the lover day that you can get up and implement this coming holiday.

Love Date Sheet For February Special Days 2024

Many lovers from different countries are looking for Valentine’s week list and holiday schedule, Valentine’s date list, and Valentine’s weekdays list 2024. They all are happy and looking for the best and most unique ideas about valentines.

So, for those, we’ve already provided you with the entire holiday schedule dates and Valentine’s list. You can explore and get Valentine’s wishes for lovers also from here. Scroll down and get the entire Valentine’s week list 2024.

Valentines Week 2024 Days | February Days List 2024


Valentine’s Week List 2024 DATE
Rose Day Sunday, 7th February 2024
Propose Day Monday, 8th February 2024
Chocolate Day Tuesday, 9th February 2024
Teddy Day Wednesday,10th February 2024
Promise Day Thursday, 11th February 2024
Hug Day Friday, 12th February 2024
Kiss Day Saturday,13th February 2024
Valentines Day Sunday,14th February 2024
Happy Valentines Week Days
Love Date Sheet For February Special Days

Rose Day 2024 – February 7th

It is the starting day of Valentine’s week that everyone mostly knows is Rose day. We share with you images of flowers day that you can easily access. Besides, you can get all the detail of valentine’s week list day and schedule with pictures.

On this day, everyone wishes their lovers by using flowers to show their importance in their life. The time of the entire valentine’s week is most important for every lover. They can easily wish according to all their desires in front of their lover. Get all the images and wishes from here on this coming festival that will be enjoyed in a few days. You can get the 2024 best Rose Day Wishes Messages from here.

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Happy Rose Day
Happy Rose Day

 Propose Day 2024 – February 8th

After passing Rose day, the next day will be known as the name of Propose Day. Every lover wants to wish their crush and also say girlfriend to wish with a bookie of flowers from buying any shop. This is the right time to show his lover in front of their girlfriend.

You can propose to her and make your day memorable incoming life. If you’re new and don’t get any single relationship in your past life. You’re lucky in front of your lover because all the girlfriends and boyfriends are wanted so that their lover would not be attached to someone.

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Happy Propose Day
Happy Propose Day

Chocolate Day 2024 – February 9th

Enjoy a chocolate day to give his lover a piece or bundle of chocolate with your lover’s wish that flavor your lover likes most. Must remind your lover to wish and taste according to his taste and choice. You can easily know what your crush taste to ask something about your daily routine and taste flavor before coming on the chocolate day.

You can give chocolate to your lover and if you don’t know which type of chocolate you select. We share with you some names that is Dairy Milk and Nutella which is the most useable coming day that is Chocolate Day 2024.

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happy chocolate day
happy chocolate day

Teddy Day 2024 – February 10th

Most of the girls are like a teddy bear at sleeping time and you can ask your girlfriend which color of teddy bear they like. After, you can buy things on teddy day 2024 and gifts for her at the grand festival of valentine’s week.

Most of lover gives other gifts on this day but we recommended to you that must choose the Red Teddy bear. Every girl likes the red color in every festival or holiday but valentine’s week is a special occasion for lovers. You can download simple teddy bear pictures on valentine’s week and wish them to your girlfriends luckily.

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Happy Teddy Day
Happy Teddy Day

Promise day 2024 – February 11th

Celebrate a promising day with your lover and make sure your lover spends the coming life with him/her. People’s promise with their lovers is to stay their entire life with them and make them happy with all their desires. You can also with your lover and make sure that you do live every time with your lover and makes me happy.

We share with you all the Promise day 2024 quotes and that will be enjoyed in the coming weekend lovers. Many peoples celebrate this day by using promise day status and putting the status on their account to show love. You can see others’ day s list and enjoy it a lot of much.

Happy Promise Day
Happy Promise Day

Hug day 2024 – February 12th

A tight hug gives to your partner, lover, and best friends to make your appearance special. Hug him/her and make your day special in the coming entire life. Happy Hug day 2024 will be enjoyed after the celebration of promise day in the coming whole week of Valentine which is also known as lovers week.

This is the best time for every lover to make their day special with his lover and time to make a lot of memories with him/her. Many lovers enjoy the whole week with their lover with special gifts and celebrations.

Happy Hug Day
Happy Hug Day

Kiss day 2024 – February 13th

Kiss your partner frankly and show love to him/her. Time to enjoy the entire weekend with your circle and makes your day memorable with them. So, we share with you a lot of kiss images on this site that you can simply pick from here easily.

All the people are looking for kiss day images status in Pakistan and other countries. We have already provided you with stuff about kiss day that you can share with your girlfriends. Many lovers make this day special by using kiss day quotes and special unlimited kisses to him/her.

Happy Kiss Day
Happy Kiss Day

Valentine’s day 2024 – February 14th

Valentine’s Day is a grand festival that will enjoy the last day of the lover’s weekend. Every lover is happy on this day and wants to look for Valentine’s Day list, dates, gift ideas, events, and also images and quotes for Valentine’s Day. We share with you all the details about the coming festival of valentine’s week on this site.

As we told you earlier, Valentine’s Day Week begins on 7 February Rose Day, Propose Day is celebrated on 8 February, Chocolaty is made on 9 February, Teddy Day is celebrated on 10 February, 11 February Promise Day is celebrated, Hug Day is celebrated on 12 February, Kiss Day is celebrated on 13 February, finally Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 February.

Explore and get the images of Valentine’s Day simply and share them with your friends and lovers. Most people don’t celebrate this day by using Valentine’s Day quotes for him/her. But we recommended to you that must use flower images and quotes with your lover and make your day special.

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After the celebration of Valentine’s Week, Anti valentine’s Week is started on the 15th of February and ends on the 21st of February, and this week for those who were not going good Valentine’s week then, they’ll enjoy  Anti Valentine’s Week 2024.

Anti Valentine Week List 2024 | February 15-21 Special Days

If your valentine’s week is not going to be good, then must enjoy Anti valentine’s week and revenge on your partner, and enjoy it a lot.

Anti-Valentine Week Days 2024


Slap Day

15 February 2024

Kick Day

16 February 2024

Perfume Day

17 February 2024

Flirting Day

18 February 2024

Confession Day

19 February 2024

Missing Day

20 February 2024

Breakup Day

21 February 2024

But apart from all these days, there are other days also very few people know about it. They are also known as Anti Valentine’s Day. Its craze is most commonly seen among school children. So let’s go ahead and know about the Anti_valentime day week list.

There are 7 more days after Valentine’s Day, about which we are going to tell you in detail today. It is said that the rest of the day is especially for single people. But we do not know how true this is. Anti-Valentine’s Day Week runs from 15 February to 21 February. You too must be getting curious to know which day it is called Anti-Valentine’s Week.

Anti- Valentine Week List
Anti-Valentine Week List 2024

Slap Day 2024 – February 15

This day is for the people who got cheated and want peace of mind. Don’t literally slap the people but maybe express your emotions and let your anger out somewhere.

Kick Day 2024 – February 16

Kick Day is observed on February 16, 2021. On this day, one can kick the negative thoughts and emotions out of their mind.

Perfume Day 2024 – February 17

Perfume Day is celebrated on February 17. And on this day, you can dust off the negative thoughts and wear your favorite perfume which smells good.

Flirting Day 2024 – February 18

This day is a good day to flirt with someone and come up with your best pickup lines to impress the person.

Confession Day 2024 – February 19

Confession day is observed on February 19, 2021. On this day you can confess your feelings to your friends or loved ones and make them realize how much they mean to you.

Missing Day 2024 – February 20

If you are missing someone, then February 20 is the date for you. It’s a good day to tell someone that you are missing them. This will help that person to know the value that they hold in your life.

Breakup Day 2024 – February 21

This day is good to say ‘goodbye’ to a relationship that is broken beyond the repair. One can also relive the past experiences that they had to learn from a breakup.
So if you want to take more information about anything like this one then please visit our page and you get all that which you want.

Valentine’s Day begins on the next day of Valentine’s Day, on February 15, Slap Day is created, with friends slapping each other. How many people are celebrated on 16 February, the name of Day only shows why one day is greeted by kicking each other i.e. by kicking.

Perfume Day made on February 17 is the day friends or love partners gift each other perfumes. Flirting Day is celebrated on 18 February, Confession Day is celebrated on 19 February, if you explain in simple language, and this day is considered to be your mistake.

Missing Day is observed on 20 February. Finally, on 21 February, Breakup Day is celebrated. If you liked this article, then you can share this article with your friends. Stay tuned with us for more information related to Valentine’s Day and Anti Valentine’s Day.

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