Is Dunkin Donuts Open on New Year’s Day 2024? Dunkin’ Donuts New Year’s Eve Hours

In case you want to have a cozy and aesthetic New Year’s Day by sitting by the fireplace and having the best donuts and coffee in the town, we have good news for you. Dunkin Donuts is undoubtedly everyone’s first choice when it comes to grabbing the freshest donuts and coffee. So if you want to enjoy a cozy coffee on New Year’s Day, Dunkin Donuts will be there to serve you.

Are you still wondering whether Dunkin Donuts will be open on New Year’s Day? Yes, Dunkin Donuts will be open on New Year’s Day. Search for Dunkin Donuts near me and get ready to order your favorite stuff now.

What Time Does Dunkin Donuts Close on New Year’s Day?

Dunkin Donuts serves more than 3 million customers every day, a number large enough to tell how much people love coffee, donuts, and baked goods at Dunkin’s. New Year is the time to light firecrackers, welcome new beginnings, and enjoy. And enjoyment can’t be complete without food. So those who love traditional American breakfasts of bagels, sandwiches, wraps, coffee, and much more, you’ll surely prefer Dunkin Donuts.

What time does Dunkin Donuts close on New Year’s Day? Well, New Year’s Day is a regular working day for Dunkin Donuts, so the store will open between 5-6 AM and close between 9-10 PM.

It is noteworthy that some locations are franchises, some are at less busy places, and some are downtown. So depending upon the area and outlet, timings may vary. So we recommend you either navigate through their dedicated app or call your nearest location for timing confirmation.

Is Dunkin Donuts Open or Closed on New Year’s Eve?

Dunkin Donuts doesn’t want you to be deprived of your favorite hot or cold coffee and chocolate-topped or jam-filled donuts, so it will serve on New Year’s Eve too. Yes, Dunkin Donuts will be open on New Year’s Eve, but it is reported that they will operate for reduced hours.


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