National Bowling Day 2021

Every year, National Bowling Day (NB​​​​D) is celebrated 2nd Saturday in August. Roll up and join the Bowling Day celebrations! This event is intended to increase the number of people who are committed to the sport.  Get ready to celebrate with us Bowling Day! You can do it! This event aims to increase participation in the sport. It has been a huge success since its inception in the USA in 2011.

Bowling is a popular sport with over 100 million players. Bowling appeals to both men and women of all ages in this era, and it is also a popular sport for people with disabilities.

It is possible that the sport dates back to ancient Egypt, where primitive bowls were found in graves as early as 5,000 BC. Henry VIII, a keen bowler who banned working men from participating in the sport if they failed to perform their duties, was much later.

There are thousands of centers offering free bowling day tasters. It’s so much fun, you might be blown away.

National Bowling Day 2021 Activities

Here you can see the activities of National Bowling Day & enjoys a lot by performing these.

  • Bowl out

If you don’t own your own kit by playing bowling, you can rent the shoes and ball from the bowling alley.

  • Host a bowling party

It’s very 1970s! Organize a bowling event for one of your close friends or family members. Be sure to provide refreshments for all members of the team. You’ll soon be the preferred bowling partner.

  • You can watch “The Big Lebowski”

Although “Kingpin’s”, arguably the most bowling-centric comedy, is a classic, you can’t go wrong when having a White Russian with The Dude. Fun fact: These scenes were shot in the old Hollywood Star Lanes in Los Angeles by the Coen brothers. In 2002, the alley was closed. Bummer, dude.

National Bowling Day Dates 2021 to 2026

14, August 2021 Saturday
13, August 2022 Saturday
12, August 2023 Saturday
10, August 2024 Saturday
8, August 2025 Saturday
8, August 2026 Saturday

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