D-day Anniversary 2021

If you want to know about D-day Anniversary 2021, so you are in right place. This is the 77th Anniversary. ND-day is celebrated on the 6th of June each year. It reminds us of the sacrifice of our men and women in World War II at Normandy, the coast of France.

Furthermore, this happened on 6th June 1944. On this day, a mission set to liberate Western Europe by sending sail for France. The largest seaborne invasion force decided to destroy Normandy. Moreover, about 160,000 men from British including the commonwealth and North America landed on the beaches of Normandy. So on 77th D-day Anniversary 2021, pay tribute and salute to the bravery of people who contributed to Operation Overlord.

D-day festival 6 June 2021

Although this year D-day Anniversary 2021 will also pay honor and tribute to the brave people who fought and sacrificed their lives. Moreover, it resulted in the Allied victory in Europe and the liberation of France. General Dwight D. Eisenhowe called the operation to fight Nazi soldiers on 6 June 1944. He started a campaign that “we will not accept anything except victory”. Therefore, more than 13,00 aircraft and 5,000 ships held up for the D-day invasion. Not only thousands of soldiers lost their lives but also many of them hiked across Europe to end the War. This invasion was one of the biggest military attacks in history.

In addition, people go to the museums and exhibitions on D-day where pictures are posted on the wall paying accolades to the brave people. It recalls the soldiers that were part of Normandy landing. Commonly it is not a public holiday instead it is an observance. But in 2021, it is Sunday on 6 June. Allied forces and American soldiers fought to end World War II in 1944. They emerged as a brave force in the world and get the victory.

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